Lovely Sarah’s design

„Growth favors the daring“

– ct lockey

Do your dreams scare you? Yes?

Well, that’s good. That means you’ve got wings. But would you dare to leave the safe path once and forever and try to take off?

I saw Sarah’s spot a week before I actually got to know her. I was with my friend, and we were almost late for our train. Xmas lights were dancing on the streets making that evening a bit warmer than it really was. We were running to the train station and suddenly stopped at the shop window.

„What is this place?“, we gazed at the widow and began to greedily consider everything inside that little cute shop. We never went there that night.

But a few days later we met Sarah at X-Markt, organized by our friends.  Life is full of wonderful surprises, isn’t it?

And oh, IT IS a lovely design, no questions in that.

But also a magic that stays behind all the loveliness.

And I am talking about the real magic. The one that is filled with love, inspiration, creativity, personal fights, ups and downs, and daring to become someone you want. Cause this is exactly from what the true magic is produced.

And maybe that’s why everything is so alive there, in Sarah’s place.

If you doubt that furniture can talk, just visit Sarah. You will see how much one chair can tell you! What wonderful stories saved the dinner table for you. You‘ ll be surprised how come that a commode you never met before knows so much about your secrets! Oh, don’t worry commodes are the best secret keepers. Otherwise why would they have locks?

I believe that magic lives in each of us. But only the daring can share it, for only the daring woke up once, decide to live the way they really want to and open their hearts for the adventures.

„Oh it’s lovely design“ is not about old furniture to become young and pretty again. It is about unique beautiful things that have got a lot to tell you.

Forever in love with daring, Svetty

If you want to meet Sarah, visit her here

Annenstrasse 61,8020 Graz

What can you do there?

You can always talk to furniture while drinking coffee if you’re too tired talking to people at some point 😉

You can take some stuff  home and enjoy it there.

You can make an order from Sarah for your dream vintage furniture.

You can join the next workshop at „Oh, it’s lovely design“ and learn how to create such wonderful things on your own.

You can bring your old piece there and rent a room for working with it.

Follow Sarah in FB to know all the news and upcoming events


Photography and text

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